Your path to your own beer

Smart design of compact container brewery with high mobility and expandability

advantages of a smart brewery

Our design of container breweries are fully ready for use. All it takes is a connection to the power, water and a drain, and you can start producing the best beer in your area.


Thanks to its location in a ship container of standard size the brewery can be transported and installed virtually anywhere in the world. Unlike the classical restaurant mini brewery this one does not need any building modifications.


The system of brewing used in the container brewery is so simple that the customer can master it after a short training by our brewer. We can provide a long-time brewer service on request. Ongoing consultations about brewery operations and brewing of different beer types go without saying.


The brewery can be operated in the most confined spaces with an area as small as 20 m2. Complex and expensive building permits like in the case of a traditional brewery building are not required. Just connect it to electricity, water and sewerage and the brewery will immediately be ready for brewing.


The contained brewery is available in a standard version with a production capacity of 525 hectolitres/year with the possibility of connecting expansion modules with a capacity of 1,050 hectolitres/year each. The modular concept permits easy expansion and quicker reaction to the need to increase production capacity. The capacity also depends on the beer type produced.

the path to your own beer

Just a couple of simple steps suffice to materialise your decision to make quality beer of your own, if only just for your restaurant.

  • you brew !

HOW it works

Easy operation, and virtually manageable by anybody after training by our brewer.



Boil sweet wort with the hop charge in the brewhouse to obtain wort. After wort separation, cool it to the pitching temperature and pump to the fermentation tank.



Have the cold wort in the fermentation tun pitched with brewers yeast; closely monitor the development of the main fermentation process. After the process completion keep the yeast in a special vessel for further fermentation.



After fermentation completion the beer is pumped into maturation tanks. The correct temperature inside the tanks will be assured by a cooling system. In cold and moderate overpressure conditions the beer matures for the period required by the respective beer type. This stage is crucial for beer flavour harmonisation.



After storing (maturation) of the beer in the maturation tanks, the finished beer is packaged as required – in kegs or PET bottles - or piped directly to the tap room.


The modular system of the breweries allows for the selection of the best variant for your in-house brewing. You can increase your brewing capacity anytime by adding another module. All modules can be supplied in a plain or glazed variant. The surface finish permits for the best possible design harmonisation with the installation site appearance.




Dimensions: length 6.058 x width 2.438 x height 2.591

Weight: 3,800kg – 4,200kg depending on the plain, glazed, or modular variant

Building readiness: Impervious horizontal ground min. 20 m2

Connections: Electricity: up to 35kW (at maximum power), 3x 400V, 50Hz Water: drinking water quality may be addressed by an added filtration unit. Odpad: wastewater only contains biodegradable substances which can be drained directly into the sewerage

Insulation: The container is fully insulated for problem-free use in any climate at temperatures from - 40°C to + 50°C

Sanitation: For cleaning of KEG barrels and CIP washing (tank cleaning) there is a washer with an automatic washing programme. Other brewery parts are washed in a manual pressure washer.

module solutions

a combination of modules can increase production effectiveness

About us

The Czech-owned company WELL SERVICE deals in development, manufacture, and sales of mobile container breweries under the brand name SMART BREWERY. The company also supplies ingredients for brewing and provides advisory service in the area of the brewing industry. WELL SERVICE is supported by a team of experts, constructors and technologists who introduced the first complete brewery installed in a standardised ship container with the brand name of SMART BREWERY after two years of development. The container brewery now introduces high-standard brewing technology all over the world. The universal technologies hidden in the shop container can be used for brewing typical Czech Pilsner-type beer as well as top-fermented specials and all other beer types. In addition to the container brewery manufacture, SMART BREWERY also helps with operator training, ingredient supply and beer recipe preparation. Its business partners in the countries where the breweries have been supplied take care of warranty and post-warranty service. MINI SMART BREWERY We present you with unique brewing technology that offers simple operation and a miniature form factor. Our mobile container Smart Brewery contains all of the technology required for the brewing, fermentation, maturation and packaging of any beer types. You can make traditional, bottom-fermented, unfiltered, unpasteurised Czech lagers, pale and dark, as well as ale, stout, and wheat beer styles, or various flavoured beers. Obtaining a micro-brewery and making good in-house beer has never been easier.

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