Premium Gastro introduced Smart Brewery

At the beginning of the summer, the Premium Gastro introduced the Smart Brewery microbrewery. During the barbecue event, there was an unique opportunity to view and visit the entire Smart Brewery concept.

Above all, visitors were impressed by Smart Brewery unique technology, which is supplied and manufactured in the Czech Republic, as well as by easy brewery operation, and the fact that the modular system allows to choose the variant most suitable to the customer’s needs (and then just connect electricity, water and waste and easily start brewing).

It´s known, that the beer tastes the best with well-prepared meat, therefore X-Oven – the only charcoal furnace with three removable drawers – was not idle. Thanks to the tree drawers, it offers higher performance but also creativity. Designed by masterchef to masterchefs! X-Oven also saves energy because it quickly reaches and maintains very high temperatures, and reduces coal consumption by 80% compared to traditional open fire grills. And it takes only 1m2!

The pleasant atmosphere and perfect weather very well complemented the event.

Thank you all for your participation and many compliments. We will be looking forward to see you at the Premium Gastro showroom, in Prague 10 – Uhříněves.