Fresh beer and grilled meat inherently belong together

With the first spring sunny days, we are always impatient to spend time outside while eating a great food and drinking a freshly cold beer. Therefore on 27th of March, the first spring event “Beer and Barbecue” was held at Premium Gastro.

Smart Brewery demonstrated right there, how easy it is, to have your own brewery. The visitors of the event could see Smart Brewery in detail right on place and thanks to interesting speach of Mr. Pavelec, the chief brewer of Smart Brewery, it was possible to reveal more about technology and beer brewing.

And because a good beer is better to serve with some tasty food, the X-OVEN, a revolutionary three-drawer profi oven was preparing tasty meat dishes. Also the Remundi grills and the extraordinary bistro tables from Mybarrelshop could be reviewed.

A big thanks belongs also to the event partners, who offered a lots of delicious meal to taste and refresh: Maso Klouda, Bejzment, Burgerfest, Appela or Redbrook CIDER.

Smart Brewery – Make your dream of own beer branding a reality

What’s so cool about the Smart Brewery microbrewery? Smart Brewery is an unique beer production machine in container with simple operation and minimal space requirements. Thanks to the container solution, it can be placed almost anywhere. Smart Brewery producer, Pavel Poživil, added: “We simply wanted to create a complete brewery in a container, that can work anywhere in the world“. There are no building adjustments necessary and the minimum space required is only 20m2. After connecting to electricity, water and waste, you can start cooking your own great beer. Unique technology is manufactured in the Czech Republic. In addition, beer production is so simple that after a short brewer’s training, everyone can make beer by himself. The container brewery is offered in a basic version with a production capacity of 525 hl per year. Additional upgrades are also possible by connecting expansion modules.

Smart Brewery – it has never been easier to have your own brewery

Smart Brewery is available just now on STOCK in Premium Gastro showroom and it is therefore possible to deliver immediately. The complete Smart Brewery package is delivered including the feedstocks for the production of 2000 liters of beer and brewer’s training.

Smart Brewery and X-OVEN can be seen in the Premium Gastro showroom, Františka Diviše 1012/64, 104 00 Praha – Uhříněves. Make your appointment at the phone number 800 101 111.